Altavian has been a Prime contractor for the US Army since 2012. We make second sourcing easy for military entities. As a trusted vendor, our products are reliable and vetted.


Altavian believes in open system architectures. By acquiring the RQ-11 and RQ-20 from Altavian, you are supporting innovation and collaboration for these systems far into the future.

Open and Secure

Altavian fully embraces open system architectures for all UAS. We believe that open architectures not only improve systems, we believe they create long-term security for development and the war fighter.

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RQ 11


The RQ-11 UAS is a staple of US Army deployments. Altavian is a certified second source vendor for the RQ-11 and the largest fleet of any UAS in the world.
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RQ 20


The RQ-20 brings more capabilities to the warfighter in a slightly larger package. Best known for its increased endurance and maritime capabilities, the RQ-20 is quickly becoming the go-to capability enhancer for the dismounted warfighter.
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Building an Open FoSUAS

Altavian is committed to developing open system architectures in all TUAS. Bringing open system architectures to entire Family of Systems of UAS(FoSUAS) promotes cost-effective acquisition, collective innovation, and competition. The strongest FoSUAS are those that are open and interoperable to other systems. Our goal is to enable new opportunities in TUAS and to support the warfighter through non-proprietary technology, engineering, and manufacturing that result in overmatch on the battlefield.

Forged on Home Soil

Altavian was founded and is based in Gainesville, FL. We source all our components from within the United States and remain one of the few trusted and vetted UAS manufacturers on home soil. The best way to support and protect the warfighter throughout the generations has always been by keeping the engineering and manufacturing at home. Altavian’s brand is built on being an OEM from the United States. Know that your components and systems are sourced from a fully domestic-based company within your own borders.

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Open Architecture Approach

Our engineering philosophy is to use an open architecture approach to systems designs. Out technology stack for all aircraft, ground stations, and payloads are designed to integrate and interface. We don't build systems behind a proprietary 'black box', we welcome integration.


For both inter-vehicle and over the air communications, Altavian has adopted the de-facto standard drone communication protocol, MAVLink, for both commercial and defense applications. For defense applications, Altavian puts this behind an encrypted digital data link for secure communications.


Our aircraft are designed to be completely independent of their payloads. Coupled with MAVLink, defense and commercial customers can quickly and cost effectively integrate new capabilities on a proven and certified airframe. Modular Fusion payloads reduce acquisition cost and maximize utility.


Altavian produces a rugged, hardened, and strategically sourced autopilot module capable of meeting the stringent requirements of the defense market. This module controls all of Altavian’s platforms (Fixed-wing and Multirotor) and is a Pixhawk-compatible flight controller capable of running both the PX4 and APM codebase.