RQ-11 / RQ-20

System Design and Integration


Trusted authority

Altavian has been a Prime contractor for the US Army since 2012. We are long-time, trusted contractors accustomed to secure and performance-based evaluation.

Integrate and Interface

Integrate RQ-11 and RQ-20 systems and components in new ways. Years working on these systems gives us unique experience specializing these platforms.

Engineering Expertise

As a part of the Army TUAS Products II contract, we’ve poured over every aspect of the RQ-11 and RQ-20 avionics and systems. We know these systems inside and out.


Custom Interfaces

We have extensive knowledge and experience creating system integrations for the RQ-11 and RQ-20. Our work is to create an open, modular, and customized architecture for interfacing and integrations into both systems.


Custom Integrations

Customize and integrate new capabilities into the familiar RQ-11 and RQ-20 platforms. Meet new requirements with either field-tested system without changing SOPs.



Altavian Awarded GSA Schedue Contract

Altavian Awarded US Army TUAS Contract

Reducing Acquisition Cost through Open System Architectures



Do you need a custom integration?

Inquire below about your custom integration. Submit an inquiry detailing your custom capability or requirement. We'll give you an assessment for your custom integration. For component and part replacement, inquire below or find us on the GSA-schedule linked above.



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