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Four Products for a Complete Solution

Altavian drones are purpose-built to get the best data in the toughest conditions. Our open architecture systems maximize your mapping and data collection flexibility through four integrated products.

Outfly Your Competition

The Nova F7200 fixed wing drone delivers on over a decade of engineering refinement to achieve the most capable, and easy-to-use aerial data acquisition platform on the market. Engineered with the professional user in mind, Altavian focuses on producing the right drone for the mission, with interchangeable and upgrade-able payloads. Features like a large wing for slow flight, big control surfaces for precise and smooth 6-axis control, and an over-sized motor to power through wind means the Nova reliably gets the job done. Add to that a long history of operational deployment, and the Nova F7200 is designed for easy maintenance and repair to keep you flying for years.

Low-Altitude Precision

The Galaxy R8700 multirotor is an ideal drone for small project areas and confined takeoff and landing areas. With easy assembly, effortless control, and confidence-inspiring stability, the R8700 makes quick work of data acquisition over the toughest sites. Compared to other VTOL options on the market, the heavy duty battery power and full range of mapping payload options with the R8700 give you the edge. Best of all, the Galaxy R8700 is a perfect complement to the Nova F7200. Cross-compatible payloads between the two platforms means you can set out on nearly any operational scenario with the confidence to get the job done with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Intelligent Data Collection

The Fusion series of payloads are the most advanced DSLR-based photogrammetric mapping payloads available on the market. On-board embedded computing and storage enables comprehensive QA/QC through the data acquisition process, including real-time fusion of all sensor data synchronized to the microsecond. Select camera, optics, and a full range of GPS/INS options to customize your payloads and achieve the resolution and accuracy you need, with an optional color-infrared conversion of the camera to tackle a variety of agriculture and natural resource remote sensing missions.

Streamlined Mission Management

Flare is an all-new drone ground station software suite for in-flight control and management of Altavian drones. We created Flare based on our extensive field experience on drone mapping missions and our obsession for streamlining and simplification to create an experience that allows operators to stay focused on flight safety. This means you get the tools you need for advanced mission planning and data management without compromising a clean, user-friendly interface that is simple to learn and painless to use.