High Fidelity

Fly close-in to the site and get sub-centimeter resolution. With PPK enabled, payloads get accuracies down to 2cm across the project.


Utilizes the full line of Fusion payloads to support you in tough-to-operate areas. Fully interchangeable with the Nova fixed wing platform.


Removable and replaceable parts make the R8700 the most packable multirotor in its class. Breaks down to airline-approved checked-baggage.


Drone Capabilities and Specifications. Payload Options. Support Programs.

Robust, close in operation.

The Galaxy R8700 is the latest generation multirotor from Altavian, built to expand on the capabilities of the professional operator for areas where fixed wing can’t fly. Eight arms for redundant carrying capacity, protecting your investment in the Fusion payload. Now featuring a stabilized nadir gimbal to keep you pointed down at your mission.

High Stability Platform

Worried about your octocopter succumbing to high winds or mechanical failure? The Galaxy R8700 was purpose-built to be a durable platform. Eight detachable arms check and balance one another so even if one propeller fails, the drone will still finish your job. The Galaxy’s strong composite materials ensure stable image captures in high winds. The Galaxy’s sturdy, aerospace-grade design gives you stability for consistent results.