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Altavian Awarded Full GSA Schedule Contract for UAV Systems, Components

Gainesville, FL (December 5, 2017) – Altavian, Inc., a leading manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems and components, announced today that it was awarded General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contract 47QSWA18D0008. This contract facilitates agencies of the U.S. government to acquire Altavian’s UAV products. Altavian is the first U.S.-based UAV hardware manufacturer awarded a GSA Schedule contract.


“Altavian is committed to delivering high quality unmanned aircraft solutions to our Government customers. Users in the public sector demand high quality, safe, and secure drone systems to responsibly deploy the technology in applications ranging from emergency response to resource management,” said John Perry, CEO of Altavian. “Opening this sales channel allows public officials to streamline sourcing the best in U.S. manufactured drone technology to serve the public.”


The GSA Schedule contract establishes fixed prices for Altavian products for any U.S. Government agency or approved entity. This enables government agencies to directly purchase products, with predetermined cost and delivery terms, from Altavian. The awarding of this contract indicates that Altavian is a trusted, reliable supplier thoroughly vetted by the GSA. Altavian’s products can be found in a new sub-category for small unmanned aerial systems.


Altavian is also pleased to announce that our service offerings have been added to the GSA schedule. Federal agencies can now use the contract directly with Altavian for UAV Flight / Data Acquisition Services with a simplified rate structure. Altavian UAV’s are capable of generating color or near-infrared orthorectified aerial imagery as well as carrying video payloads for color and infrared real-time video for a variety of data products.


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