Designed and built using open systems architecture, the Nova PS utilizes open standards and published interfaces. The enabling of component interfacing ensures the Nova PS will remain on the cutting edge of innovation years into the future.


Need a specific payload to accomplish your mission? The Nova PS utilizes the same modular payload approach of both the Nova AE, the Nova AT, and the Galaxy R8700. Any payload integrated into the Fusion payload bay can be flown on the Nova PS.


Trust your data will be secure. There is no need for an "off" button for the Nova PS to protect your data from going into the Cloud somewhere. Utilizing secure communications, you control your data from start to finish with American-manufactured system.
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Not all landing zones are created equal. Using the parachute package for the Nova PS, you can land in tight quarters and without pinpointing your own position through mere observation of the drone's landing vector. Touchdown softly, gather your system, and move on quickly using the all-new parachute package.


The Nova PS is built with the best and the latest of the US Army’s Group 1 UAS avionics and subsystems. Through component second sourcing, you can know that not only is the Nova PS military-grade, but its systems will be upgraded as technology continues to develop on the cutting edge.

nova ps


The Nova PS utilizes an all-new gimballed video payload complete with pan-and-zoom as well as target tracking. Reconnaissance is made easy with the gimballed video payload designed specifically for ISR missions.

nova ps

Bringing Open Architecture to the Military

Altavian’s engineering philosophy is to use open architectures in our systems design. We’re committed to bringing these proven commercial open architectures to Group I UAS. Our technology stack for all aircraft, ground stations, and payloads are designed to integrate and interface with other components. There’s no proprietary ‘black box.’ This improves the acquisition process by fostering interoperability at both the system and subsystem level.


For both inter-vehicle and over the air communications, Altavian has adopted the de-facto standard drone communication protocol, MAVLink, for both commercial and defense applications. For defense applications, Altavian puts this behind an encrypted digital data link for secure communications.


Our aircraft are designed to be completely independent of their payloads. Coupled with MAVLink, defense and commercial customers can quickly and cost effectively integrate new capabilities on a proven and certified airframe. Modular Fusion payloads reduce acquisition cost and maximize utility.


Altavian produces a rugged, hardened, and strategically sourced autopilot module capable of meeting the stringent requirements of the defense market. This module controls all of Altavian’s platforms (Fixed-wing and Multirotor) and is a Pixhawk-compatible flight controller capable of running both the PX4 and APM codebase.

nova me



The Nova MV is the military-grade model of the Nova F7200 series. Built to government specs, the Nova MV is designed and implemented primarily for supporting the war fighter in the field. Utilizing open systems architectures, the Nova MV is fully compliant with military system and subcomponent requirements including avionics and communications. This rugged system was made for over-the-hill ISR and support objectives.

Compact RF Module
Integrated Patch and Omni Antenna
IP68 and Mil-810-G
Compact RF Module
Fips 140
SUAS Waveform 1.7
AES 256 Capable

Hardened for Military Application

The Nova MV takes the best of the commercial market’s technology and applies it to government specifications and requirements. By using open system architectures, the Nova MV applies the quality of engineering required for commercial application and integrates it into the hardened and secure military requirements. This system combines the best of both worlds to support the war fighter in the field.

nova le



The Nova LE is crafted for inspection, perimeter security, and reconnaissance within the commercial sector. It utilizes the craftsmanship of the commercial sector with the cutting-edge avionics and subsystems of the defense sector but re-imagined for private application. Keep your data secure using the same systems employed by the government with an American-crafted system like the Nova LE.

P2P Digital
AES 256 Capable
Commercial DDL
AES 256 Capable
SAT COMS Integration
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Hand-Launched, Parachute-Landed

The Nova PS is completely hand-launched for rapid deployment without the use of a catapult. Assemble the Nova in minutes using its intuitive snap-in-and-secure connectors, launch it by hand, and recover in tight quarters using its top-mounted parachute system.
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The Nova comes fully equipped for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Modular payloads enable you to easily accomplish multi-mission ISR tasks such as situational awareness and target tracking. High stability pan-tilt-zoom EO/IR gimbals are a standard offering.
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Mapping is nothing new to the Nova. It was purpose-built for commercial mapping. Those capabilities translate to a system that is highly proficient in change detection and aerial mapping. Geo-intelligence is one of the greatest strengths of the system, giving the war fighter a qualified tool for imagery down to 2CM GSD.