Steps for Hand-Launching the Nova F7200

September 2017

Procedure for Nova F7200 Hand Launch

1) Place the Nova on the ground at desired launching location.
2) GCS Operator use Flare to ‘Arm’ the Nova.
3) Lift the Nova and face directly into the wind (crosswind is acceptable, tailwind is never acceptable).
4) Lift the Nova above throwing shoulder.
5) Place dominate hand at the aft portion of the battery. The back of the battery is used for hand launching leverage.
6) Place non-dominate hand under the payload viewport glass.
7) Hold the Nova just above head level.
8) Square shoulders and hips with throwing direction.
9) Verify Nova attitude is straight and level.
10) GCS Operator use Flare to start takeoff 10 second countdown.
11) Once propeller is at full throttle, use the dominate arm to push the Nova away from body, straight and level.
12) Using non-dominate arm to help maintain level attitude during launch.
13) Nova has a climb rate of 1800 ft/min and will maintain heading until reaches mapping altitude.

Watch this video for visual reference (video will begin at 1:58):


For the complete physical dimensions of the Nova F7200, click here: Altavain Nova F7200 Physical Dimensions.Nova Size




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