Surveying Applications

High End Drones

Save Time

Survey in a couple hours what would take multiple survey crews a couple weeks. Replace traditional survey equipment, bring your crew out of the sun, the rain, and the snow and analyze data at your desk in a fraction of the time.

Increase Profit

Impact your bottom line with cost-effective data collection. Collect data for all your products with one tool. Your investment in a robust Altavian drone and powerful Fusion sensor payload pays you back over time.

Authentic Data Products

Accuracy matters. ASPRS standards matter in topography, planimetrics, and volumetrics. We’ve worked directly in partnership with surveying and mapping firms to ensure our drones’ data products are accurate and authentic.


Cost Effective

Surveying and mapping firms are businesses-first. Businesses are about decreasing overhead and operating expenses. So how do drones in surveying impact your bottom line? By reducing the manpower and hours spent in the field collecting data. Instead of sending a crew out to survey a site for a week, send a crew out to fly a drone for a day. Need to redeploy? Much faster with a drone than a survey crew. Our drones are a sound investment for collecting high-fidelity aerial maps.

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Integrate Workflows

Our operations team have embedded with surveying and mapping firms, just like you, to nail down how to integrate drones. You should buy a drone that’s actually a survey-grade piece of equipment. One that collects ASPRS standard data daily. Drones in surveying are about creating data products that meet industry standards. Buying an Altavian drone is buying experience-based integration for your workflows and your data products. Drones should work for you, not the other way around.

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Ground Crew

Traditionally, for surveying and mapping firms, the majority of time is spent in the actual deployment and collection of data. Crews must manually collect data, place ground control points, and measure and label all aspects of a survey site. This means more time and labor spent in the field with an RTK receiver than finishing and polishing a final data product at your desk.

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A trained operations team, equipped with an Altavian drone, needs only to fly for a few hours to collect enough data, using PPK for accuracy, for a 3D point cloud or aerial map. Then, using the same surveying and mapping software you’ve always used, you can make all those measurements at your desk—cutting down the number of hours per project and money spent.

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Point Cloud

Fly your Altavian drone and capture the aerial imagery in just a few hours to produce a 3D point cloud.

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3D Model

As an intermediary data product, you can use your point cloud to generate a 3D mesh of the survey site.

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Measure with Data

Use your traditional surveying and mapping software to do the measurements you used to do in the field at your desk.

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Complete Solution

Altavian has been in the business of measurement and survey since our founding. We built our drones for topography, planimetrics, and volumetrics to maximize precision data collection. Whether you need efficient large-area mapping with the Nova F7200 to ultra-high-resolution surveying with the Galaxy R8700, our drones will collect the data you need. The modular Fusion payload series offers an adaptable suite of data collection options across the visible and infrared spectrums for aerial maps. Meanwhile, the Flare software provides advanced planning and flight controls for both platforms with a user-friendly interface, showing real-time coverage quality and data collection assurance.

Topographic Maps

Drones are a natural fit for topography. Drones can scale with topographical surveys by flying low and slow for unmatched resolution or high and fast to cover more ground. Topography is one of the bread and butter data products drones and 3D point clouds can offer—especially for remote and hard-to-reach places.

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Planimetric Maps

Maintain ASPRS survey standards while deploying faster than ever before. Bring your workload from the field into the office. Leave old annoyances on the ground by collecting data without having to negotiate line-of-sight obstacles in dense terrain. All without learning a new mapping software system.

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Volumetric Maps

Save money with quick turn-around and high-accuracy data. Drones easily redeploy to an area to collect and analyze volumetric changes over time. In rapidly changing work environments, like mines and construction sites, this offers repeatable value compared to slower RTK or total station methods.

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Processing with the Best

We’ve done our data processing homework so you don’t have to. Our modular line of payloads are fluent with the best data processing available. This ensures you seamless integration with the traditional software used every day by surveying and mapping firms. Be comfortable with the knowledge that the data Altavian drones collect won’t impact your data processing back in the office.

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topographical survey case study

Topography in Death Valley

We collected data for a topographical survey in one of the harsher environments in the United States: Death Valley. This project was one traditional surveyors couldn’t capture but a drone could. We flew 607 acres of a mesa in just one day using an RGB Fusion payload. The resulting point cloud can be used to derive topographical maps, planimetric maps, and volumetrics…all in one flight.