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Altavian has a positive record of past performance in handling government acquisition procedures, air-worthiness certifications, and systems requirements. We’re 100% owned and operated in the United States with manufacturing right here in Florida. We’ll work with your government agency through each step of acquisition and we’ll continue to fully support your agency long past the point of purchase.

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Altavian drones have already met the air-worthiness certifications of agencies such as the FAA, NASA, and the US Army. We are fully prepared to support large-scale fleet solutions at the civil level beginning with acquisition procedures and requirements all the way through maintenance and support. Know your data is secure at all times in a system designed and built in the United States. Learn more about how civil agencies use Altavian drones today.

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Altavian is the #2 provider of small unmanned aerial system components to the US Army. Our systems support the war fighter in myriad ways, whether for ISR or Geo Int. Our modular systems provide maximum utility in the field, and we provide compnent second sourcing for both the RQ-11 Raven and the RQ-20 Puma systems. Protect your data and information by using a system designed and built completely in the United States. Learn more about our defense efforts in action today.