Commercial Solutions

Built for Commercial Applications

Altavian drones are purpose-built for commercial markets. The Nova F7200 and Galaxy R8700 are specialized and modular tools for gathering the highest quality data possible. These drones were designed for professional use, they’re not your average off-the-shelf retail drone for taking fancy aerial photographs.

agriculture high resolution


Drones can capture a plant-health index as well as stand counts for growers at a fraction of the cost of a manned flight. Using this information, growers and agronomists can make educated decisions about their crops which save them time and money. The Nova F7200 can fly large acreage on one, 90-minute battery that smaller multirotors can’t match. The Galaxy R8700 can fly close-in for accuracy down to the centimeter. Learn how Altavian drones are being used on farms today.

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Mining is one of the best value propositions for drones on the market. Drones save time, money, and increase safety on the mining site. Logistically, it is easier to fly an unmanned craft over the top of a mining site than it is to negotiate ground-based sensors. Operators are out of harm’s way and redeployment for new, up to date data is as easy as driving the truck out and launching. Learn about the applications of drones to mining here.



Surveyors who have flown drones before know that accuracy is paramount, and not always easy to capture with retail drones. Altavian drones were designed with data fidelity in mind. We built the Nova F7200 to not only cover large areas quickly, but to carry the most powerful, large DSLR sensors in a fuselage designed for wind penetration. The Nova is a tool surveyors rely on for accurate data gathered in the fraction of the time of a ground team. Learn how Altavian drones are being applied to surveying projects today.