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Working at altavian

Altavian is a small engineering company with over 40 employees located in Gainesville, FL. Working at Altavian means working for a company at that sweet-spot of being small enough to be personal and flexible, and large enough to offer a comprehensive benefits package and professional workplace. A major benefit of our location is that Florida has no personal or state income tax and Gainesville is one of the more affordable places to live. Gainesville is also a center of culture, technology, nature, and education in Florida. Join our team as we work together to meet the engineering challenges at the cutting edge of drone technology.


The Team

We’re a diverse team of mechanical, electrical, software, and aerospace engineers. Our operations team flies UAS daily. We manufacture systems and components in-house and on-site in our fully-staffed machine shop. Our business-support teams work alongside our production and engineering teams, to create a cohesive identity throughout across departments.



1. Comprehensive Insurance Packages (FSA & HSA possible)

2. 4% Employer Match on your 401K

3. Annual rollover for Sick Days

4. Scaling PTO with time at the company

5. Unlimited Coffee



Life in Gainesville

Gainesville is Altavian’s birthplace. It’s the home of the University of Florida in the heart of North Central Florida. Lying on the spine of the state, Gainesville is less than an hour’s drive from white-sand beaches along the Atlantic coast and the Nature Coast along the Gulf of Mexico. As a city, Gainesville is making strides in becoming a center of technology companies and medicine, becoming a home for professionals as much as students. Gainesville is a great fit for people that enjoy cultural events of a much larger city, the nature get-away-weekends of beaches and springs, and an affordable, comfortable place to live.


Cultural Centerpiece

The University of Florida is the heart of Gainesville’s culture. It attracts cultural showcases that would otherwise be unavailable outside of large cities. But, the University is not the only cultural focal point. Gainesville has a storied and lively music scene, and an active Downtown full of restaurants, night life, and regular art and music festivals.


Nature access

Gainesville is best known for Payne’s Prairie on the southern edge of town and for the Devil’s Milhopper sink hole. The surrounding area of North Central Florida is pockmarked with natural springs from Florida’s limestone aquifer. Beaches on either coast are a short drive, and Gainesville is centrally located to a majority of Florida’s state parks.



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