Altavian is expanding: Now Offering both Representative and Dealer Programs

April 24, 2017

We’re the drone company for serious businesses. If you’re an established business who understands the importance of quality, experience, and reputation, then you now have a golden opportunity to join our team.

Here is a short summary of the perks, benefits, support, and discounts we offer to our dealers and reps:

Representatives Receive

  • Demo and pilot project support
  • Commission for each sale of equipment or flight services
  • Direct sales support

Dealers Receive

  • Train-the-trainer – once qualified, the ability to offer flight training
  • Wholesale prices and volume discounts

Dealers and Representatives Receive

  • Altavian marketing materials
  • Sales training for Altavian Products
  • Geospatial mission support / data processing expertise
  • A copy of Ground Control Station software (FlareTM) and the training simulator
  • Durable, best-in-class aircraft, premium sensor payloads, and years of field experience
  • Comprehensive, in-house support from our facilities and staff in Florida

Join Us

If you’re serious about joining us, introduce yourself by emailing us at Our sales team will quickly get in touch with you, and if we both feel like it’s a good fit, we’ll get started. Don’t wait – contact us today about becoming a dealer or representative.