Aerospace Design

Quality components and industrial-grade manufacturing makes this stable platform capable of performing in 30 mph winds.

Maritime Ops

Working in coastal areas? The Nova’s waterproof design allows robust maritime operations for landing directly in water.

90-minute flight time

With a wide wingspan and efficient power systems, the Nova can cover over 1,000 acres in a single automated flight.


Drone Capabilities and Specifications. Payload Options. Support Programs.

Fully Autonomous. Worry Free Operation.

All of the things you have come to expect from an industrial-grade system, and then some. The Nova F7200 fixed wing drone is designed with eloquently-rugged features, such as its unique snap-lock connectors, skegs to protect the payload, break-away plastic parts, and a host of details that matter. More than just a beautiful machine, the Nova is built like a manned aircraft, engineered to have limited single points of failure.

F7200 AT

All terrain landing

The Altavian Nova F7200 is designed for large-scale, commercial operations.

F7200 AE

Maritime landing capability

The Altavian Nova F7200 AE is designed to be waterproof for maritime operations.


Trying to pick between a multirotor and a fixed-wing platform? While multirotors have the flexibility to fly in tight spaces and hover in place, there’s no comparison to the efficiency of a fixed-wing platform. Multirotors typically have a flight-time of 20 minutes. With a high-aspect-ratio wing and traditional control surfaces, the Nova can fly for 90 minutes, allowing you to cover more ground in a single battery.

twenty flight time
ninety flight time

Fly in 30 MPH Winds

It’ll take a little more than strong winds to knock the Nova F7200 off course. The Nova’s aerospace-grade design and composite materials mean it will maintain a stable flight. A wide, high aspect wing drone design combined with tail wings maintain maneuvering capability even in windy environments.