End-to-End Workflow

Custom dynamic panels walk you through your entire workflow: Flight planning, pre-flight checks, vehicle command and control, and post-flight data quality assurance.

Live Quality Control

By maintaining constant two-way communication with Fusion payload computers, Flare monitors position, orientation, status, and coverage information in real-time.

Multi-System Support

Flare controls each step of the operation regardless of the hardware being used. Any platform, any payload, all controlled from a single, user-friendly interface.



Drone Capabilities and Specifications. Payload Options. Support Programs.

Simplified Flight Planning

Flare calculates each flight plan, from long corridor flights to complex multiple-flight areas, to maximize efficiency and ensure your data is collected properly. Intelligent flight planning algorithms and a user-friendly interface will save you hours plotting waypoints yourself.

Streamlined Workflows

Flare breaks down each project into a user-friendly step-by-step workflow. No step is overlooked so every flight is executed with confidence. Embedded workflow logic ensures operational safety and maximum data quality without sacrificing quick deployment.

Live Quality Control

Tired of seeing holes in your data? Be confident in your coverage before you land. Fusion payloads calculate precise area coverage for each image captured. Flare then displays a coverage quality layer on its flight map for operators to evaluate in real-time.