Come Help Us Build Something Great


Altavian is always looking for new talent.

Why Altavian is Different

We are a small company that takes care of and supports its employees as they take on new challenges. The foundation of our company is the drive to build superior UAS through engineering excellence. You can expect diverse challenges that will require you to be agile and innovative in your work. You can also expect to be on a small team that strives to meet these challenges together through a solutions-based approach. Our customers and market are on the ever-changing edge of UAS development, so your work will be both innovative and varied while outside the corporate world. Our goal is to put you in a position to successfully meet your challenges as a part of our team and family.


Altavian Inc. is located in Gainesville, FL and has been building unmanned aerial systems (UAS) since 2011. We design and manufacture high quality drones to carry the best sensors into the toughest environments. Our extensive history includes working alongside organizations including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, and the U.S. Army. We embrace open architectures in our systems design to bring proven commercial concepts to Group I UAS. As an original equipment manufacturer of UAS, we are at the forefront of new American engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Want to join us?

Working at Altavian means working in an exciting field on new technology and developments while still having the family feel of a small business. It’s a dog-friendly workplace and you won’t want to miss grilling at our famous Altava-lunches. We prioritize taking care of our employees offering great benefits including a generous 401k and medical, dental, and vision insurance options. If you believe better data will make a better world and you’re up for the challenge, then join our team! We take pride in our work and in the people we work with—one committed team. We hope to hear from you soon!

Seeking: Manufacturing/Procurement Engineer
 Altavian Inc. is hiring a Manufacturing/Procurement Engineer who is interested in performing engineering analysis and evaluation for products developed through the engineering development cycle and production process. This position will ensure that parts adequately fulfill engineering and production specifications and will work with suppliers to maintain product support. This position is considered a key player in achieving deliveries while monitoring budget requirements and balancing the needs between the engineering and production department. This position is full time and requires that the individual is comfortable working in a cross-disciplinary environment and adapting to new situations.